What are the most common failures in the electrical equipment?

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Open circult - the result of an incomplete circuit, which prevents the currentfrom flowing in a complete path. It has a infinite resistance reading and zero current since its path has been broken when checking to instrument like multimeter

Short circuit - often result when the current takes a direct path across its source. It draws more current because the resistance in the circuit decreases and as a result the voltage decreases. Typical signs of short circuits are blown fuses, increased heat, low voltage, high amperage and smoke

Grounded Circult - a result of a defect in the insulation or placement of a wire or equipment component causes the current to take an incorrect or abnormal route in the circuit. t res also when part of the windings make electrical contact in the frame of the motor or other equipment body. When grounded in a circuit it shows the following signs. Abnormal amperage, voltage and resistance readings, shock.

Mechanical breakdown - often a result of too much friction, wear or vibration which moving parts like broken belts, worn contacts, worn bearing loose belts damage electrical controls are some examples of mechanical problems,which you can determine by means of noise, abnormal, circuit failure and visual inspection during operations through our senses.

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