What causes the fire in the scavenging spaces? How to prevent and fight such fires?

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Fires in the scavenging spaces cause by

  1. Ignition of carbon deposits in scavenge air by means of prolonged blow by
  2. Slow combustion in the cylinder due to incorrect atomization
  3. Blow-back through scavenge air ports due to incorrectly adjusted exhaust cam disc or back pressure

Signs of Scavenge Fire

  1. Increased in exhaust temperature of the affected cylinder
  2. Turbocharger may surge
  3. Smoke from the turbocharger's air inlet filter
  4. Hotter scavenging air box casing.

Actions to be taken

  1. Reduce speed to slow and ask bridge for permission to step
  2. Stop the auxiliary blower it fitted
  3. Stop the fuel oil supply.
  4. Put the scavenging spaces fire extinguishing system into a function. 5 After extinguishing the fire, remove dry deposit and sludge from all the scavenge air boxes.
  5. Clean and inspect respective piston rod and cylinder liner, their surfaces alignment if affected.

Preventive actions

  1. Regular cleaning and inspection of scavenging spaces
  2. Keep fuel injectors and fuel pumps in good operational order
  3. Check the fuel supply and valves opening timing regularly
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