What items included into the ECDIS procedures?

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Procedures for ECDIS:

  • Chart and software updates;
  • Recording of relevant events and Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) policy;
  • Use of Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) modes (automatic, on and off) and procedures for ensuring correct operation;
  • Bridge access and distraction prevention procedures;
  • Safety parameters (contours, depths and safety frame);
  • Primary means of navigation for the vessel T&P Notices
  • navtex and navarea warning management
  • ENC management and correction process including safety measures to avoid viruses
  • Contingency planning in the event of dual ECDIS failure The following publications should be considered as part of the publication folio onboard and passage planning should follow the publication guidance:
  • NP 231 Admiralty Guide to the Practical Use of ENC's;
  • NP 232 Admiralty Guide to ECDIS Implementation, Policy and Procedures;
  • NP 5012 Admiralty Guide to ENC Symbols Used in ECDIS An up to date copy of the operator's navigation policy and procedures must be available on the. If the policy is provided in electronic format only, a back-up independent means of power supply to the computer must be provided. It is expected that emergency procedures that include failure of key equipment are available in hard copy format. The ECDIS must be updated to the latest version of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) standards, the list of current standards is maintained on the IHO web site www.iho.int . Changes to the IHO S-52 Presentation Library introduced in edition 4.0 which is mandatory on all ECDIS from 01 Sep 2017. The IHO may make further changes as necessary.
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