What precautions to be followed during installation and periodical inspections of marine diesel engine piston rings?

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Preparing and storage of pistons and rings:

  • Record rings details before mounting them. The identification stamps will wear off after around 10000 RH and identification may become difficult.

  • Check the "TOP" mark. Rings must be mounted in the correct order and with the correct side up.

  • Spare piston rings must be stored secured and horizontal. The rings could sustain a deformation if stored improperly for a long time.

Operational suggestions:

  • Inspect piston, rings and combustion chamber through scavenging ports regularly and thoroughly. Record details about coke formation, LO condition, wears marks and ring gap clearance etc. This will help valuable if problems encountered or for observing the operation and wear figures.

  • Do not operate with collapsed or broken rings. The rings are designed to give a balanced pressure drop over the entire ring pack.

  • Adhere the limits and tolerances in the makers manual. Measure the wear pattern and keep records of each overhaul.

During Overhaul:

  • Dismantling the rings from the piston with care. It may be needed to send a ring for analysis.

  • Use proper tools for removing turning edges and deposits recommended by the Maker.

  • Inspect the liner surface. Pay attention when taking liner measurement readings. Check thoroughly for ovality and scuffing marks.

  • Before installation of new rings, the ring grooves should be inspected for wear and clearances measured. Clearances are specified by the Maker. They to be measured with a new ring pressed fully into the groove. The bottom side of the groove should be absolutely flat without wear edges or other damage. The ring seals to this surface.

  • Use the original engine sheets for performance and overhaul evaluation. This often makes the analysis easier and the required information is there.

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