What information exchanged between Master and Pilot?

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Periodic checks on equipment should be carried out as per the BPG checklists and any defects reported to the Master. Defects should also be recorded in the log book and as appropriate identified on the Pilot Card. The Pilot and the Master should exchange information regarding the Pilot's intentions, the ship's characteristics and operational factors as soon as practicable after the Pilot has boarded the ship. The exchange should cover.
The pilotage plan and the circumstances when deviation from the plan may be required. Any amendments to the plan should be agreed, and any changes in individual Bridge Team responsibilities made, before pilotage commences; Ship's dimensions and maneuvering information should be provided in the form of the Wheelhouse Poster. A maneuvering booklet containing more detailed information should also be available on the bridge; ECDIS unit along with relevant alarm settings NP232 12.23 Information on berthing arrangements including the use, characteristics and number of tugs, mooring boats, mooring arrangements and other external facilities. All defects that might affect the maneuverability of the vessel or the pilotage should be reported to the Pilot.

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