How should Navtex and Navarea Warnings be properly recorded?

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Dec. 19, 2018, 1:19 p.m.
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Some ECDIS systems permit Navtex messages to be automatically inputted onto the ECDIS and displayed automatically. Relevant messages are captured on the ENC's as an overlay either automatically or by manual input. Where manual input to the ECDIS is necessary, there should be an effective means in place to remove expired messages. The navtex and ECDIS should be checked to ensure that the correct stations and message types are entered. Navigation warnings maybe received through EGC, navtex messages or the weekly NTM's. Warnings received through other means such as Chartco should be verified with the official source data. The availability of Navigational Warnings on the web does not relieve Masters / Captains of the requirement to receive Navigational Warnings via IMO/IHO approved broadcast systems, as websites are not continuously updated and not necessarily monitored for correctness.

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