What to pay attention to when conducting Risk Assessments?

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The risk assessment process identifies hazards present in a work undertaking, analyses the level of risk, considers those in danger and evaluates whether hazards are adequately controlled, taking into account any measures already in place.
Two distinct types of Task Based Risk Assessment may be used. First, a range of vessel-specific generic TBRAs that can be used for all routine and low-risk tasks can be developed. These should be periodically reviewed, but frequency would very much depend on the particular circumstances on the vessel and the level of risk.
The second type of TBRA would be used for specific high-risk jobs that are not routine, such as working aloft or enclosed space entry. These should relate to the specific persons who will be involved in the work and valid only for the duration of that job. In both cases, the assessments should be carried out by a competent person or persons who understand the work being assessed. It is also preferable that seafarers who will be involved in the work should also be involved in the assessment process.
A toolbox talk is another form of risk assessment carried out in support of a TBRA. Its prime purpose is to talk through the procedures of the job in hand and the findings of the TBRA with the seafarers involved.

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