What training required for Safety Officer?

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Some training may be provided on board, but the safety officer should have attended a suitable safety officer’s training course. Suitable safety officer training should cover the following topics:

  • The tasks of the safety committee.
  • The rights and roles of members of the safety committee.
  • How to carry out risk assessment and management.
  • How to provide the necessary advice to resolve safety concerns or problems and to encourage adherence to prevention principles.
  • Supervision of safety tasks assigned to crew and other seafarers on board, and passengers where applicable.
  • Accident and incident investigation, analysis and making appropriate corrective and preventative recommendations to prevent their recurrence.
  • How to obtain relevant information on a safe and healthy working environment from the competent authority and the Company.
  • Effective means of communication with a multinational crew.
  • The commitment required to promote a safe working environment on board. The safety officer should be familiar with the principles and practice of risk assessment, and should be available to advise those preparing and reviewing risk assessments. The safety officer’s role should be a positive one, seeking to initiate or develop safety measures before an incident occurs rather than afterwards.
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