Which fuel analysis result details indicate the bad quality of fuel and which troubles to expect?

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High asphaltenes (if >6%m/m) cause high sludge generation in separators and clogging of fuel line filters, fuel and sludge lines.
Xylene equivalence (if > 30%) cause risk of fuel pump problems.
High Reserve stability number (if >5), indicates low reserve stability.
If the separability number is above 10, the stability reserve of the oil is very low and asphaltenes will easily flocculate or have already started to flocculate". A oil with low stability reserve is likely to undergo flocculation of asphaltenes when stressed (For example – extended heated storage) or blended with a range of other oils.
These fuel when being used on engines tend to form hard deposits on the piston crown grooves which tend to restrict the movement of piston rings thereby causing blow by, excessive wear down as well as early failure.
Fuel injectors too to be maintained in good condition for proper atomisation, which results in good combustion process else carbon accumulation too can take place on the piston crown land and grooves.
To reduce the risk of failure, proper and timely chemical dosage required. Good scavenging and underpiston inspection are absolutely necessary.

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