It the information concerning turning circle test mandatory in the wheelhouse poster and or in the manoeuvring booklet.

An observation have been addressed to one of our vessels during a SIRE inspection ref VIQ 4.3 referring to IMO resolution A 601 (15). Inspector found records of turning circle in ballast condition but not in loaded condition. Such test (in loaded condition) has not been carried out during sea trials test on 2010.

It such test is mandatory is it acceptable that shipboard carry out turning circle test in loaded condition and that the results will be accepted by third parties such as SIRE inspectors for example ?

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Feb. 12, 2019, 11:32 a.m.
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The best solution for this issue is to contact a shipyard and get required turning circle data in loaded condition from them. Shipyard definitely keeps those records for at least one of the vessel from series. The SIRE inspector will accept turning circle data from a sister ship.
One of vessels in my company had similar issue and it was resolved by getting a turning circle diagram from shipyard records.
Please note, the turning circle diagram must be in a format aproved by IMO. If turning circle trials will be conducted by crew there is no guarantee that SIRE inspector will accept it.

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