Which certificates issued by the Flag State must be carried on board?

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  • Certificate of Registry: The certificate is issued by the Registrar of the vessel s Flag Administration. The certificate indicates the basic particulars of the vessel.
  • Minimum Safe Manning Certificate: The certificate is issued by the Flag Administration and does not expire. The certificate states the minimum manning requirements for the vessel with regard to ranks and numbers.
  • License for Radio Station: The certificate is issued by the Flag Administration according to Flag s telecommunication rules permitting installation and operation of the radio station. The certificate may have an expiration date according to the National Law.
  • CLC Certificate: A CLC Certificate is a document issued by the flag state to evidence insurance coverage or other financial security for Civil Liability arising out of oil pollution damage. Applies to tankers and indicates compliance with CLC Convention. The certificate valid for a year and expires on the 28th of February each year.
  • International Ship Security Certificate: This certificate shall be issued or endorsed either by the Administration or the Recognized Security Organization acting on behalf of the Flag Administration. The certificate verifies that the vessel is in compliance with the ISPS Code.
  • Continuous Synopsis Record: This certificate comprises ship specific information which needs to be maintained onboard and continuously updated as the information is changed. The Continuous Synopsis Record will be issued by the Administration.
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