What is the Chief Engineer's responsibility during bunkering?

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The Chief Engineer is responsible for completing the Fuel Oil bunkering plan and for supervising the full bunkering operation. The Chief Engineer shall ensure that a bunker plan and safety checklist is prepared in advance and the meeting must be done with all involved bunkering personnel and Master being present.

The Chief Engineer must invite the terminal or barge personnel for the measuring of fuel oil quantity. If the barge representative has refused to measure the F.O. quantity, the Chief Engineer must invite two crewmembers for this measuring.

The Chief Engineer must check the specifications and quantity of the bunker with the order.
The Chief Engineer must ensure that the sampling unit is fixed and used for taking drip samples.
The Chief Engineer must ensure that the new bunker will be loaded in empty tanks and not mixed.

During bunkering :

  • communication between the ship and barge must be at all times during bunker transfer operation
  • flow rates are carefully monitored
  • when the F.O. level is more than 70 %, the rate must be reduced to 50% of the maximum loading rate
  • at least one officer and one rating must remain on deck during the all bunkering operation
  • collect four bottles of samples during bunkering using sampling unit
  • personnel involved directly in bunkering operations must not be on any other duties

Finishing of bunkering :

  • bunkering flanges must not be disconnected until you are sure the line is liquid free and de-pressured and all valves are closed
  • there must not be ignition sources at this area
  • a blank flange must be fully bolted
  • after bunkering, the Chief Engineer must invite the barge representative to measure the F.O. quantity. If the representative refuses to measure the F.O. quantity, the Chief Engineer must invite two crewmembers for this measuring
  • if it is possible the reading of the counter must be done
  • after finishing of bunkering it is necessary to make notes into the Engine Room Log Book and Oil Record Book

If something at a bunkering operation goes wrong, it must be stopped immediately.

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