What are possible causes of fuel oil leakage from Main Engine F.O. high-pressure pipes?

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June 26, 2017, 1:57 a.m.
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FO leaks from the FO high-pressure pipe are dangerous because of a risk of fire in the engine room. Most of the FO leakage incidents were caused by human errors, such as overconfidence and carelessness.
Some common causes of fuel oil leakage from the F.O. high-pressure pipe are as follows:

  • Loosing of the coupling nut because of inappropriate torque when tightening it.

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  • Damage to sealing surfaces of the F.O. high-pressure pipe: press marks, scratches etc. because of insufficient cleaning.

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To prevent FO leaks from the Main Engine F.O. high-pressure pipes, the below actions for fitting and unfitting the F.O. high-pressure pipe should be followed:

  • 1) Close Inspection: Seating surface/screw parts of the pipe at both ends and its mating parts should be inspected and cleaned carefully. For close inspection, the FO high-pressure pipe should be removed completely when it is dismantled for maintenance, such as fuel valve replacement, etc.

  • 2) Proper recondition: If any damage on the seat surface is observed, the relevant seat surface is to be ground by the special tool on board. Also, the lapping special tool must NOT be deformed or damaged.

  • 3) Proper tightening: The FO high-pressure pipe should be tightened to the proper torque in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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