What actions should be taken in case of Exhaust Gas Economizer soot fire?

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If a soot fire occurs, respond quickly paying close attention to the following points to avoid the problem escalating.
1)  If a small scale soot fire occurs, ensure that there is sufficient circulating water to cool the heating tube, while carefully monitoring for cavitations of the circulating pump. It is preferable that the circulating pump is in parallel operation, and the main engine load is reduced to a safe level, with constant monitoring of the situation.

2)  If the measures described in above fail to extinguish the fire, the preferred option is to stop the main engine in a safe area to chock off the oxygen supply as much as possible. After stopping the main engine, the following measures should be carried out:
cover the air filter of the turbocharger;
stop the auxiliary blower;
- shut the exhaust valves of the main engine (stop the hydraulic pump, if present);
- any other appropriate actions. 

3)  It is also important to spray large quantities of water to extinguish the fire and to cool the area. Effective cooling suppresses high temperature oxidation reaction of steel.

4)  Spray water onto the exhaust gas economizer casing to cool it. 

5)  If the heating tube in the exhaust gas economizer is damaged, and leakage of circulating water is observed, stop the circulating pump after having first stopped the main engine. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing a high temperature oxidation reaction of steel. 

6)  After the fire has been extinguished, open the manhole after monitoring to confirm that the casing has sufficiently cooled. If the casing is still hot, this indicates that the fire inside the exhaust gas economizer may not have been entirely extinguished, and therefore a fresh supply of oxygen from the opening of the manhole cover may cause the fire to flare up again. 

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