What legal action to be undertaken by the Ship’s Operator/Managing company in case of incinerator failure?

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Aug. 3, 2019, 12:39 p.m.
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The Managing company should:

  1. Arrange a spare parts supply and shore assistance as required to repair the incinerator
  2. Contact the Flag administration and the Class to get a Short Term IOPP and IAPP certificates, valid until first available repair opportunity. Mentioned certificated are issued by the Class but with the Flag authorization.

The Class should:

  1. Confirm the sludge tank capacity of the subject vessel complies with the requirement of MARPOL Annex I without incinerator.
  2. Apply to Flag administration for granting the dispensation for incinerator for short time required to solve the issue

The Master and Chief Engineer shall ensure until the incinerator is fully operational:

  1. The content of the sludge tank is regularly monitored and discharged to shore facilities as necessary;

  2. The vessel has sufficient sludge tank capacity for retaining all sludge generated during the current voyage, and arranges for disposal to shore reception facilities as and when required;

  3. The malfunctioning equipment to be labeled accordingly;

  4. The Chief Engineer’s Standing Instructions are amended to address this matter;

  5. The equipment is completely electrically isolated from all other equipment;

  6. All port authorities including PSC where the vessel calls are notified of the malfunction prior to the vessel’s arrival;

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