Why may the pilot burner of Miura incinerator misfire? The transformer and ignition electrodes are Ok because burner fires for a period of 2-3 seconds after which the flame just seized ... Meaning DO pump, solenoids, electrodes and flame eye are in order...

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Aug. 11, 2019, 4:47 p.m.
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  1. Check the DO pump pressure (solenoid pump for this incinerator). It normally adjusted at the time of delivery to 0.8 MPa. Any value different from that may lead to improper atomization and flame failure. The sign of a defective pump is the increased pressure drop at the moment of solenoid valves opening just before the ignition. It is around 0.2 Mpa (from 0.8 Mpa to 0.6 Mpa) for a new solenoid pump while for a defective pump the pressure drop may be up to 0.6 Mpa from 0.8 Mpa to 0.2 Mpa). In this case the diesel oil pressure is basically to low for stable combustion.
  2. Check the air damper settings. It is adjusted at the factory and Miura does not recommend adjusting it by the crew. If damper is improperly adjusted, the flame failure may also occur.
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