During the bunkering, the supplier has delivered less fuel than ordered. He refused to alter the BDN, therefore the Letter of Protest had been issued. How to reflect this situation in the Oil Recor Book.

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Aug. 29, 2019, 3:39 p.m.
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Firstly, make a Code I entry followed by code H entry.

When making Code I entry, write:
"Bunker quantity received as per BDN: (write the BDN quantity in metric tonnes); Ship's actual quantity received: (write the final quantity received as per bunker surveyor's figures); Letter of Protest issued for (xx) MT short supply."

Where xx = BDN quantity minus Ship's actual received quantity as per bunker surveyor's figures

Secondly, make the bunkering entry under Code H in which the bunker quantity received will reflect the ship's actual quantity received as per surveyor's figures.

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