How to treat fuels with high Catfines content?

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If test results with high catfines (Al+Si) have been received, the following steps to be followed to ensure the safet possible use of such fuel:

Heat bunker storage tanks

The density of catfines is higher than the fuel oil. To facilitate the settling of catfines, maintain the temperature of bunker storage tanks at 45 deg C, but not higher than 55 deg C (below lower limit flash point)

Keep water content at a minimum

Catfines emulsify with water, which makes it difficult to remove them from the fuel.

  • Maintain the Settling tank(s) temperature high, 70-85 deg C to aid settling the water
  • Drain Settling and Service tanks frequently, based on observation of the amount of settled water

Maintain the backwashing filter in good condition

Ensure that backwash filter is working well and not bypassed. Keep ready a spare set of clean candles as frequent replacement may be required.

Maintain proper purification

  • The purification temperature must be 95 - 98 deg C
  • Operate two FO purifier (if available) in series ( if possible) or at least in parallel with half of minimum possible feed rate each.

Apply suitable fuel treatment additives

Contact your Superintendent for advice and arrangement of supply of fuel treatment chemicals/

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