The following is the new requirement of the new CDI questionnaire edition 9

3.1.78 *VDR equipment is tested and, when possible the complete retention of data, is verified to insure operation of the system. Some authorities require testing on a more frequent basis than the annual service. Ship-specific procedures should be in place regarding this testing program, and records should be available to confirm completion of the testing as per the procedure*.

It is required that apart the annual VDR ashore testing service, the ship should have a procedure for on board of VDR testing.

On what may consist the on board testing of VDR ? knowing that ship' staff are not specialized to carry out the full test as this job required the maker representative.

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Based on delivery Manual and Inspection Data for Voyage Data Recorder, the following checklist may be suggested for routine testing of the VDR:

  1. There should be a procedure for backing up the VDR data, backups are done as stated.
  2. Check the system operation by confirming the LEDs pattern (which of them ON or OFF) of units corresponds to the normal operation pattern (usually described in the VDR manual)
  3. Any errors displayed on VDR system units should be properly recorded with the time and date of occurrence.
  4. Turn off the main AC power, the VDR should automatically change over to battery power
  5. Turn on the main AC power, the system should automatically change over to normal supply
  6. Check the RCU battery expiration date.
  7. Self-check of results of NMEA sentence reception should pass
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