What is the best practice of carrying out a Safety Meeting?

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The purpose of the meeting is to inform, educate and train the crew in safety matters and to get the crew to participate in the discussion and make suggestion for improvement.

  1. Start with highlighting the topics which you plan to cover during the Safety Meeting session
  2. Cover important and relevant topics, such as:
  3. Important industry updates
  4. New and expected to come in force international and domestic regulations (did you discuss the IMO 2020 Sulfur cap yet?)
  5. Safety Bulletins/Alerts from Company, Class, Port State Control
  6. Ship specific matters
  7. Engage crew in an active discussion of safety aspects of recent or planned shipboard activities. Experienced seafarers may contribute significant improvement in ships's routines or spotlight poor practices
  8. Show some leadership, don't be too official but involved and passionate. Leadership is engaging if exposed properly. If you care, your mate will care to
  9. Don't forget to record the Safety Meeting properly, fill and sign required paperwork.
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