We are unable to start Kawasaki BT locally, however, it starts from Bridge normally under same conditions.

What may prevent the Thruster from being started in Local mode?

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Feb. 15, 2020, 8:38 p.m.
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Usually, Thruster control panels have following interlocks, which prevent Main Motor from starting:

  • Zero Pitch - Thruster blades must be at 0 pitch otherwise starting current of Main Motor will be too big
  • Hydraulic pump started and sufficient pressure achieved in BT hydraulic system
  • Sufficient Generators online - if combined capacity of generators running in parallel is insufficient for Main Motor demands, it will not start

Last two interlocks aren’t your case as you’re able to start BT remotely. Check that Thruster blades are actually at Zero Pitch. If they are, check that PITCH ZERO signal is received by the Thruster starting panel.

Make sure that BT Wheel House control panel is energized. PITCH ZERO signal is normally sent by Wheel House control panel down to local starting panel. If WH panel isn’t energized, the local panel will not receive PITCH ZERO signal even if actual pitch is 0.

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