We observe water contamination (emulsion) in the our Main Air Compressor (Sperre) crankcase?

How may water get in there and what troubleshooting steps should be undertaken in such case?

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March 3, 2020, 9:02 p.m.
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Water may get into the crankcase by several ways, depending on the compressor design.

Check each possibility one by one to identify the cause:

  • Cooling water leakage due to defective liner sealing O-Rings could be identified by inspection of crankcase and often manifests itself in popping up of cooling space safety valve or bursting disc
  • Leaking intercooler(s). Water may accumulate in their air side during compressor standstill. While operating, cooling space safety valve may also be activated due to high pressure air getting in the cooling water
  • In some designs, condensed moisture removed from the compressed air by means of mist-catchers or "cyclon" filters. If solenoid-operated drain valve or non-return valve on the first stage start leaking, the high-pressure air from the second stage may push accumulated water back into the first stage and get into the crankcase finally
  • Check non-return valve at the compressor outlet. It may get minor back leakage and condensed water from the discharge pipeline will be pushed back into compressor once it stops
  • When operating in high-humidity areas, moisture may accumulate in crankcase. Make sure that space heaters are ON during prolonged standstill of the compressor.
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