M/E had slowdown due to the "MEV Piston Feedback Failure-CCU2-0070611" alarm activated.

It is possible that the ME-V Timing Piston is not working.

What other possible faults may be related to this alarm?

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March 7, 2020, 7:22 p.m.
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As per the Maker's troubleshooting guide, the possible causes are:

  1. Cable failure
  2. ME-V Timing Piston Stuck
  3. FIVA Valve Failure.

The effects of failure are:

  • No exhaust valve timing control
  • Pcomp and Pmax may increase.

From the experience, the most probable causes are:

  • Cable or connection failure due to vibration
  • Sensor failure

Start troubleshooting by examining the cable from feedback sensor to CCU for wear, tear, loose connections in terminals.

If no cabling failure observed, replace the inductive sensor with new one or swap from other unit. Run the engine and check if alarms comes on the subject unit. If not, the sensor was a problem, if still there, than cabling and sensors aren't a cause of the failure and troubleshooting should continue.

Additional checks to carry out:

  • Checked for HPS hydraulic pressure between set point and actual pressure on the MOP. If not, rectify the issue as the pressure set point is load-dependent, actual must equal or very close to it
  • Stop the M/E and continue running the M/E L.O and HPS. Check for any sign of leakages on the HCU
  • Open camshaft cover of the subject Unit and check for sign of leakages on Hydraulic pipe from HCU to MEV
  • Check for FIVA valve activation by removing cable J70 and check for function (should hear the sound) then put back the cable.
  • Open cover and check HPS Pump suction and discharge line for any sign of leakages.
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