What is IHM survey? How is it conducted normally.

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The application of the EU Regulation on Ship Recycling commenced on 31 December 2018, in accordance with the relevant regulation. By the Regulation, Owners and Operators are required to develop an inventory of hazardous materials (IHMs), a list which indicate type and amount of hazardous materials and their location in a ship.

List of documents that should be submitted by the vessel:

  1. Ship Particulars
  2. General Arrangement Plan
  3. Machinery Arrangement Plan
  4. Fire and Life Saving Plan
  5. Fire Protection Plan
  6. Accommodation Plan
  7. Insulation Plan including material specification for deck-heads, side panels, deck flooring, doors, insulation material used, joiner material
  8. Piping Insulation 9.IAFS Certificate
  9. IOPP Certificate (together with supplement page)
  10. IAPP Certificate (together with supplement page)
  11. Spare Parts and Tools List (Details of Flood lights, Brake liners, Light Ballast, thermometers, etc.)
  12. Type of Fuels, Lubes, Greases, Chemicals and Freon on board (We must mention the weight of the freon, and the types of Lubes and Greases used on-board)
  13. Asbestos Free Declarations from builders or shipyards.
  14. Battery Log (list of batteries onboard)
  15. Repair and modification history
  16. Stern tube Seal Arrangement diagram with material list of seals.
  17. Propeller nut diagram with material list of seals & gasket/O-rings
  18. Crane Brake pad material list for
  19. E/R Crane,
  20. Provision Crane, Monorail,
  21. L/B davit,
  22. Rescue Boat davit,
  23. Gangway ladder and
  24. Main deck crane {If present on board}

They IHM surveyor will attend the vessel and collect numerous materials samples:


  • Compass Deck Floor paint
  • Bridge Wing floor paint
  • Bridge Wing bulkhead paint
  • Wheel house bulkhead insulation
  • Wheel house panel insulation
  • Wheel house ceiling steel structure
  • Wheel house ceiling panel
  • Wheel house carpet
  • Wheel house vinyl and adhesive
  • Wheel house floor cement
  • Wheel house cable penetration
  • WH toilet bulkhead insulation
  • WH toilet bulkhead panel
  • WH toilet ceiling steel
  • WH toilet ceiling panel
  • WH toilet cement
  • Wing door seal
  • Funnel paint

Crew cabin, Crew Mess room, Engine Control Room, EDG Room, Vegetable room, Meet & fish room:

  • Floor paint
  • Bulkhead paint
  • Bulkhead insulation
  • Panel insulation
  • Ceiling steel structure
  • Ceiling panel
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl and adhesive
  • Floor cement

Air Cond:

  • Duct lugging
  • Duct packing
  • Duct insulation

Engine Room

  • Sewage treatment Plant gaskets
  • Main Air reservoir gaskets
  • Main Engine fuel pipe insulation
  • Main Engine Exhaust Trunk insulation
  • Main Engine Turbocharger insulation
  • Aux. Engine area floor paint
  • Aux. Engine area bulkhead
  • Aux. Engine fuel pipe insulation
  • Aux. Engine Turbocharger insulation
  • Aux. Engine Exhaust Trunk insulation
  • Aux. Engine silver paint
  • Incinerator casing door packing
  • Incinerator fuel pipe insulation
  • Fresh Water Generator gaskets
  • Fresh Water Generator level glass
  • Air Dryer gaskets
  • Provision Ref. Plant gasket
  • Purifier break pad
  • Purifier heater body insulation
  • Hot water calorifier pipe insulation
  • Service & Settling Tanks insulation
  • Aux. Boiler insulation
  • Aux. Boiler steam line insulation
  • Aux. Boiler exhaust pipe insulation
  • Aux. Boiler fuel pipe insulation

After completion of documents review and samples analysis, the certificate of compliance will be issued (if results are satisfactory).

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