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What are the pertinent information that should be discussed & exchanged between the oncoming and off-going Bridge officer ?

22 Jun '20, 12:07

June 22, 2020, 12:07 p.m.
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Relieving Officer should read and understood the following directives:

  • Master's Bridge Standing and Daily Orders
  • Navigational Passage Plan
  • Navigational Warnings
  • Specific reporting requirements for local VTS
  • Any Pilot instructions / Deck / Engine special work / safety instructions

Officer being relieved should be satisfied that the relieving watch are capable of carrying out their duties.

Relieving Officer should fully verify and acquaint himself with the following:

  • Position, speed, course, and draft of vessel.
  • MARSEC level and security measures in place
  • Courses plotted on charts.
  • Tidal and current information, weather and visibility.
  • Operating condition of all Bridge Navigational and Safety equipment,incl.GPS
  • Gyro and Magnetic compass errors; Off-course alarm setting; Hand steering
  • Radar's gyro and log synchronisation (where applicable).
  • Navigation light visibility.
  • Tracks, speed and courses of other vessels in the vicinity.
  • Identity of shore lights, buoys, landmarks etc.
  • Hazards likely to be encountered during watch.
  • Possible effect on vessel's trim/draft due to squat in shallow water.
  • IS the AIS in correct use, if fitted
  • Has the Off-course alarm been tested and operating satisfactorily?
  • BNWAS operational
  • All printers checked working, adequate recording arrangement in place.

Relieving Officer should enter at change of watch:

  • vessel's gyro-compass course and speed over the ground
  • sea condition and visibility briefly
  • Commenced Take Over Process (HR:Min)
  • Completed Take Over Process (HR:Min)
  • Relieving Officer's Initials

Master should verify above records on daily basis.

At night, the Relieving Officer's eyesight should be adjusted to "night vision". The Relieving Officer is NOT to take over until all above points are satisfied.

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June 24, 2020, 8:24 a.m.
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