here is the observation noted by a PSC inspector : The pilot ladder was secured with two D-shackles to hard points above the main deck to choke the side ropes (ship's design). Shortening pilot ladders using the D-shackle method causes the weight of the ladder to be taken up by the Dshackle impacting directly against the mechanical securing clamps (widgets) which secure the ladders treads in place. By taking the weight of the ladder onto the widgets causes the widget seizing to become damaged. This in turn means that the steps can become free to rotate underfoot as the pilots climb the ladder.alt text

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The inspector had filed the observation against the unsafe practice of shortening the pilot ladder by D-shackles like on the photos below:

d_shackles_pilot_ladder alt text

In this case, side ropes do not receive sufficient tension which is required to ensure firm positioning of the pilot ladder steps.

The pilot ladder should be properly shortened and thimbles used at the rope ends without intermediate D-Shackles between them and ship's side

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