What is the procedure for testing of Cargo Heater on board of Gas Carrier?

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Oct. 14, 2020, 12:37 p.m.
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In order to prepare for the Booster/Heater discharge operations or after repairs done, the following procedure should normally be followed for the integrity test of a Cargo Heater.

  • SW side of cargo heater to be drained.
  • Close SW inlet & outlet valves
  • Pressurize the Cargo Heater up to 7 to 8 bar with hot gas by cargo compressor via hot gas line through condensate crossover and into liquid line, next to booster pump suction and into Cargo Heater via Booster Bypass valve.

Note the Max pressure the cargo heater can be pressurized up to with cargo compressors, bearing in mind the relief valve setting.

  • When the pressure in Cargo Heater reached the required level, stop the compressor and closed the inlet valve of cargo heater.
  • Check SW drain with a portable HC analyzer for LPG LEL.
  • Check HC concentration after 1 hr later and checked the gas side for pressure drop if any.
  • Close the drain valve and open the seawater inlet and outlet valves.
  • Small amount of sea water to be discharged to deck via drain valve to check for Gas Leak.
  • Check the gas content using a portable gas detector.

If no traces of cargo detected after 3 hrs Cargo Heater integrity confirmed and is in good condition.

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