What equipment is normally checked by the Port State Control inspector?

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The following are the most commonly targeted areas by Port State Control:

Maintenance of the ship and equipment

  • Auxiliary engine -all in working order

  • Lifeboats

  • Nautical publications - all available, appropriately completed and approved, as required

  • Cleanliness of engine room - clean, no oil leaks, dean bilges and tank tops and no oily rag

  • Ventilators, air pipes, casings - clearly marked and in good working condition

  • Propulsion main engine - all components functioning correctly

  • Charts - valid, up to date and as required for the voyage

  • Emergency lighting, batteries and switches functioning correctly and in place

  • Fire dampers - clearly marked, easy to operate and corrosion-free. Corroded or non-operable fire dampers are one of the most common detaining item

  • Firefighting equipment and appliances - available, in place and in good working order with valid recharge date marked where appropriate

  • Oil filtering equipment - working correctly, ensure no illegal pipes

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