What is the typical recovery sequence after the blackout?

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Jan. 4, 2021, 8:35 a.m.
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The typical recovery procedure is as follows:

  1. Isolate air filling line from the Engine Room to the Emergency air bottle in the Emergency Generator Room.
  2. Confirm the air filling valve of the emergency air bottle open
  3. Start the emergency air compressor and fill up the air bottle to about 15 bar.
  4. Start the emergency generator manually and take on the load.
  5. Start one of the Main Air Compressors connected to ESB. Press up any one of the air bottles.
  6. Make sure the fuel supply pump to the generators is open.
  7. Start any one generator. Confirm normal operation of running the generator and take it on load. Emergency generator ACB will be disconnected automatically.
  8. Restart all pumps and confirm operating normally
  9. Reset boiler trip and fire boiler as quickly as possible when the vessel is in port, at anchorage or under maneuvering.
  10. If any difficulty is encountered in firing the boiler in a reasonable time, change over Aux Engines and Main Engine to Diesel Oil.
  11. Once plant power resumption complete and all operations normal, stop the Emergency Generator
  12. Resume Main Engine operation if vessel underway.
  13. Restart ventilation fans, HFO and LO purifiers.
  14. Make power available for cargo operation etc as required.
  15. Confirm that all running machinery is operating normally and restart the Air Conditioning plant.
  16. Identify and rectify the cause for the blackout.
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