Which checks are normally carried out in ER before arrival as part of pre-arrival checklist?

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The following checks and activities to be crried out as part of pre-arrival preparations:

  1. Arrival information obtained from Master:
    a) Expected time of 'stand-by engines'
    b) Approx. Pilot boarding time
    c) Approx. time of berthing
    d) Period for which the vessel will be anchored or berthed
    e) Specific cargo preparations upon 'finished with engines'(FWE)
  2. Engine Telegraph tested
  3. Steering gear checked and tested
  4. Communication means tested between Bridge/Engine room, Bridge/Steering Gear room and Engine room/Steering Gear room
  5. Synchronization of engine room and bridge clocks
  6. Engine-room adequately manned as per C/E’s requirements
  7. Main Engine control systems checked
  8. Adequate reserve of electrical power available (e.g. Addl.gen.on load)
  9. Main Air Bottles pressed up and drained of condensate
  10. Fuel systems prepared in all respects
  11. Fresh water Generating Plant shut down (if applicable)
  12. Economizer sootblown prior to speed reduction (if applicable)
  13. Pressure in the line to the ship’s air whistle checked
  14. All anti-pollution measures taken
  15. Main cooling seawater suction changed over (if applicable)
  16. Mooring machinery and thruster power supplied and tested
  17. Cooling Water for deck machinery supplied
  18. Any special requirements of the Arrival Port complied with
  19. Preparations for maintenance jobs upon FWE
  20. Start auxiliary boiler at speed reduction.
  21. Check air compressor ready in all respect.
  22. Adjust cylinder lubrication for maneuvring as required.
  23. Ensure incinerator stopped & breaker switched off.
  24. Ensure sewage treatment plantin use.
  25. Ensure bilge overboard discharge valve is locked.
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