Is there any requirement for the following case:

Tankers making coastal navigation where distance and depth is very limited, are they required to use their Ballast water treatement unit ?

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BWM Convention requirement apply based on ship's design, type and jurisdiction.

More specifically, ships that are not subject to the requirements are mentioned in Article 3 of the Convention:

a) Ships which are not carrying ballast water by the design.
b) Ships that are under jurisdiction of a Party and operate in the waters of this Party, unless other requirements specified by the Party.
c) Ships of a Party which only operate in waters under the jurisdiction of another Party, subject to the authorization of the latter Party for such exclusion.
d) Ships which only operate in waters under the jurisdiction of one Party and on the high seas.
e) War ships, naval auxiliary, or other ships owned and operated by a state and used only on government non-commercial service. f) Ships with permanent ballast water in sealed tanks that is not subject to discharge.

Back to the question, coastal tanker may fall under paragraphs b), c) and d).

To be on a safe side, get the explicit confirmation of exclusion from involved Party(ies). Remember, that some countries, like US, may not be Parties of the Convention. In this case, respective domestic regulations are applicable.

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