The following observation has been noted on board one one of our vessels:

CDI reference 5.1.25 '' A cross check is being carried out by a 2nd individual on the cargo line-up prior to commencement of cargo transfer, and records maintained.

  • What is the right interpretation on how the cross check is to be done and what items are to be checked during the cross check ?

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March 12, 2021, 10:47 a.m.
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Cross check can be carried out by the Chief Officer after Duty Officer has finished lining-up the cargo system as per the agreed loading/discharging sequence.

During cross checking second individual should verify:

  1. Correct valves are opened to load/discharge dedicated tank(s). A mistakenly closed valve may lead to pressure surge during transfer startup with subsequent ESD activation, pipeline damage and cargo leakage
  2. There are no unnecessarily opened valves left. A mistakenly opened valve in cargo line may lead to cargo contamination, overfilling of the tank etc.

If initial line-up was carried out by Chief Officer, Duty Officer can be a second individual.

After second individual has verified the line-up, a record should be made in the Log book mentioning time of line-up completion, time when second individual has completed cross-check, names and positions of involved crews.

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