What is the scope of Port state control inspections?

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In accordance with IMO Resolution A.787, the PSCO must not include any operational tests or impose physical demands which, in the judgement of the Master, could jeopardise the safety of the ship, crew, passengers or cargo.

PSC inspections include:

Muster list: Are crew members aware of their duties in line with their position on the muster list?

Communication: Can key crew communicate with each other and the passengers, especially in emergencies?

Emergency drills [fire and abandon ship]: Is the crew familiar with their duties and the proper use of equipment?

Damage control: Are damage control plans provided and is crew familiar with them?

Fire control plan: Is a plan or booklet provided and is it understood by the crew?

Bridge operation: Are officers familiar with the equipment and the ship's manoeuvring characteristics?

Cargo operation: Are officers familiar with the equipment?

Operation of machinery: Is the ship's personnel familiar with essential machinery (emergency and standby power sources, auxiliary steering, fire and bilge pumps etc.)?

Manuals and instructions: Are they understood? Is the crew aware of requirements for maintenance, periodical testing, training, drills, and log book entries?

Oily mixtures: Are MARPOL 73/78 Annex I requirements met? Is the Oil Record Book satisfactory? Are reception facilities used? If so are they adequate or inadequate?

Loading, discharging and cleaning (tankers): Are MARPOL Annexes I and II requirements met?

Dangerous goods and harmful substances (packaged): Are proper documents available? Is stowage correct and segregated? Is the crew familiar with essential emergency actions?

Garbage: Are the MARPOL Annex V requirements met? Are reception facilities used? If so are they adequate or inadequate?

Living conditions: Is food storage adequate? Is the galley condition satisfactory and sufficient food available? No vermin present? Is ventilation and heating adequate? Is the hospital in good condition? Are sanitary facilities adequate and in good condition? Is the accommodation clean and hospitable?

Action by PSCO

Port state authorities will give the Master a document (Form A and B as appropriate) with the results of the inspection. This includes details of any action taken by the PSCO and a list of any corrective action to be initiated by the Master / the Company.

In case of detention

In the case of a detention, notification will be made to the flag state administration, IMO and the class society in writing.

Flag state action

The flag state or the class society will provide the IMO with remedial actions.

Concentrated inspection campaigns (CIC) by PSC

The PSC MOU conduct concentrated inspection campaigns to check on special matters or areas of concern. The campaigns are established based on statistics of deficiencies noted during past inspections.

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