Which precautions to be followed with regards to pilot ladders and accommodation ladders?

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On tankers, protect the underside of aluminium gangways and other portable aluminium structures with a hard plastic or wooden strip to prevent smears on steel surfaces. Avoid rubbing / dragging aluminium equipment across steel as it leaves a smear that can cause an incendive spark if struck by a hammer or falling object.

Always comply with the requirements of SOLAS while using and conducting maintenance on pilot ladders, mechanical pilot hoists and associated equipment. Record the monthly inspections.

Maintain ladders as per the latest IMO resolution and Bridge Procedures Guide.

Corroded turntable pins can cause structural failures on accommodation ladders.

Pay careful attention to the maintenance of fall wires, turntable arrangements (corroded pins), sheaves and steps of accommodation ladders and gangways.

At every five-yearly survey, upon completion of the annual examination, carry out an operational test of the ladder with the specified maximum operational load. operational load test is mandatory. This is required on all accommodation ladders, gangways and winches. Accommodation ladders and gangways must have a plate showing the restrictions on the safe operation and loading. This includes: the maximum and minimum permitted design angles of inclination, design load, maximum load on bottom end plate.

Maintain records of inspections, test, maintenance, and wire renewals in the PMS. Ensure the wire certificates are properly filed with the Chief Officer.

Inspect pilot rope ladders as per monthly and 3 monthly routines in PMS and renew it every 30 months.

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