Which are general recommendations for incinerator operation?

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Sept. 28, 2021, 6:33 p.m.
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  1. Only trained operators may operate the incinerator.
  2. Do not operate the incinerator with any safety alarms / interlocks disabled.
  3. Do not incinerate plastics.
  4. Post operating instructions near the incinerator.
  5. Report immediately when visible funnel sparks are sighted.
  6. Get permission from Chief engineer to operate incinerator
  7. Confirm waste is acceptable for incineration
  8. Ensure oily waste is de-watered and prepared as per makers guidelines
  9. Inform the OOW on the bridge
  10. Operate incinerators only in permitted areas.
  11. Confirm ship's location with OOW
  12. Operate the incinerator as per maker’s instructions
  13. Monitor operating parameters and emissions for conformance with regulations and makers instructions
  14. Notify OOW about completion
  15. Maintain records in ORB / GRB
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