which are important guidelines to follow while operating Sewage treatment plant?

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Remember that some ports do not allow overboard discharge of effluent from the sewage treatment plant. Request clarification from the Agent and discuss options with the Technical Superintendent. In ports which do not allow discharge or provide reception facilities, refer to the ship specific arrangements in the SEOP manual.

  1. Operate the plant always in automatic mode
  2. Follow local regulations
  3. Keep STP in continuous use. Only stop the plant in dry-dock, at repair berth or for regular cleaning.
  4. Maintain in operational condition at all times
  5. Operate and maintain as per manufacturer’s instructions
  6. Identify tank to store effluent when required. While in port, discharge effluent to tank if space permits, regardless of local regulation.
  7. Inform Technical Superintendent in the event of the plant breakdown
  8. Do not bypass the plant at any time unless discharging to shore facility.
  9. Obtain certificate of discharge to shore facility
  10. Maintain operational and maintenance records.
  11. Train all crew in correct use of the sanitary system
  12. Display notices adjacent to toilets listing items NOT to be put into the toilet.
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