How to carry out pipeline hydro test?

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Test bunker transfer piping (and hoses if applicable) to 150% MAWP (rated working pressure) in 30 months intervals. USCG requires this test annually.
Refer to Chemical / Petroleum tanker manual for testing cargo pipe lines.

Refer to the maker's manual of the system / test pump for hydraulic test specifications.

Caution: Testing procedures for specific pipelines may require a deviation from the procedure. Agree on procedure with the Technical Superintendent if this is the case.

  1. Correctly identify pipeline and pressure test required
  2. Close branch valves to isolate tanks
  3. Blank safety valves
  4. Fill line gradually with the medium common to the system
  5. Slowly vent line as necessary
  6. Pressurize the line using an accumulator hand pump
  7. Monitor static pressure in pipeline for 10 minutes
  8. Visually inspect pipeline
  9. Drain line after testing
  10. Plan repairs if necessary
  11. Record all pressure tests in the respective deck and engine log book, their corresponding oil record books and PMS.
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