What should be included in Standing Orders?

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On joining a vessel, the Master shall write his own standing orders, which will be complimentary to the company’s standing orders.The Master must address additional requirements for shipboard safety, ship security and safety of cargo operations in his standing orders. Display a copy of Master’s additional standing orders in the wheelhouse.

All bridge Team members upon joining the ship must read, understand and sign company and Master standing orders. Signing of these orders indicates that the team members have understood and will follow these orders. If in doubt, team members must seek clarification from the Master.

All officers must familiarize themselves with the manoeuvring characteristics of the ship as soon as possible. Display prominently the manoeuvring characteristics of the ship in the wheelhouse.

The Master has the company’s authority to change the distance of 4 miles with respect to restricted visibility. This distance can be increased, but not reduced.

Night Orders and Instructions to Duty Officers

The Master must issue night orders / instructions every evening at sea, at anchorage or in port (except when alongside). Following guidelines may be useful:

  • Officers of watch must be confident that the Master can be called at any time when in doubt
  • The Master must be called in good time
  • Officers must be aware that speed can be reduced to avoid a close quarters situation
  • Bridge manning
  • All available equipment is to be used
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