Which are minimum ROBs of fuel and lubes to be maintained on board at all times?

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Main propulsion


A safe margin must not be less than 3 days normal sea consumption and need not be more than 5 days normal sea consumption. Allow a safe margin between bunker calls of 20% to the total normal sea consumption for the intended voyage if bunker ports are not readily available in the trading area. Calculate reserves allowing for expected voyage delays and unpumpable quantities. Calculate safe bunker margins based on “normal sea consumption” as per the ship’s planned operations including electricity demands between planned bunker calls.


This reserve is to allow limited operation of the M/E, in case of loss of fuel heating capability. Allow a safe margin of one day main engine consumption subject to maximum of 100 mt More distillate may be required for operations in environment control areas.

Auxiliary Engines


Allow for an additional 2 days sea load consumption, if the auxiliary engines run normally on residual fuels


This reserve is to allow operation of the auxiliary engines, in case of loss of fuel heating capability. Allow for an additional 12 days sea load required for the intended passage, if the auxiliary engines run normally on distillate fuels

Safe Bunker Margins when Idling at Anchorage for extended periods

Calculate fuel reserve when idling at anchor for an extended period on the following basis:

  • 30 days of Auxiliary Engine and Boiler consumption
  • In addition to above, 3 days reserve for unplanned steaming
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