What is the generic procedure for maintenance of onboard critical equipment?

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Inform the Technical Superintendent immediately of any failure of critical equipment. Record it in Log book and your PMS system, create a defect report in PMS.

This procedure applies to any maintenance of critical equipment. It does not apply to testing and inspections when the equipment remains in "in-service" condition.

1) Maintain critical equipment:

  • After equipment breakdown
  • To meet planned maintenance needs

2) Discuss risk assessments and permits for maintenance before commencing any job

3) Include in the risk assessment:

  • The risk of taking the critical equipment out of service
  • The competency of the crew conduction the job
  • Available spare parts
  • Duration of the job
  • Evaluation of worst-case scenarios
  • Recovery and mitigation procedures
  • Commissioning and testing procedures
  • Identification of alternative or back-up systems
  • Changes to operating procedures required while maintenance is in progress
  • Safety procedures in the event of an emergency

4) Submit risk assessment for office review

5) Receive office agreement of submitted risk assessment. Complete a new risk assessment for any extension of the agreed shutdown period.

6) Conduct maintenance:

  • Under the supervision of a senior Engineer Officer
  • With suitable qualified persons or shore technician

7) Test equipment

8) Record maintenance within PMS

9) Update part and consumable inventories in the PMS

10) Verify physical stock against PMS inventory quarterly

11) Inform the Technical Superintendent:

  • Upon completion of maintenance
  • That equipment is back in service
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