What is the frequency of the Emergency Generator ON LOAD test? and by whom this test should be carried out?

Thanks to provide me with SOLAS reference.

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The frequency of EDG ON LOAD test should be determined by Company and this test must be done at least annualy.

Normally the test done by ETO in cooperation with 2E or 3E every 6 months or before arrival to ports with high risk of detention (US etc.)

SOLAS only states necessity of the EDG test.

Annual ON LOAD test of Emergency Generator is VIQ requirement:

10.16 Are engineers aware of the testing requirements and able to demonstrate familiarity with the procedure for testing of emergency equipment?

Emergency equipment will include, where fitted, the emergency fire pump, main fire and foam pumps, emergency air compressor, emergency generator, emergency generator switchboard, emergency steering, emergency stops, engineers’ alarms and bilge ejectors. Testing of the emergency generator should be carried out under load, but to do this may require the vessel to be blacked out. This testing is not to be conducted during a SIRE inspection.

Inspectors must establish that the operator has a requirement for this test and determine from records that it is carried out at least annually

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