What should be checked when a Cadet-Cook-2nd Engineer comes onboard?


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On joining of each onsigner Master checks availability and validity of the following documents:

1) Seaman's book
2) International passport
3) Signed contract
4) Medical examination and D&A certs
5) Yellow fever vaccination cert
6) COVID vaccination cert (optional, depends on Company's policy)
7) STCW certificates: (Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats, Advanced firefighting, Medical first aid, Safety familiarization for all seafarers)
8) Security awareness cert
9) Ship's safety officer (optional, according to rank and Company's SMS)
10) Engine Room resource managements (for CE and 2E)
11) National COC and COE according to rank
12) COC and COE issued by Flag State according to rank
13) Basic/Advanced Tanker certificates according to rank (for tankers)
14) HAZMAT cert - if applicable
15) High Voltage cert (for CE, 2E, ETO) - if applicable

Absence of missing mandatory certificates should be reported to the Company for further instructions.

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