How would you free a fouled anchor?

You can’t let it go, how would you break the anchor? How would you secure the anchor to enable you to let it go?

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Vessel may try to recover the anchor from different heading. Heave up the chain about 2/3 of released length, change heading, let go chain and try to heave it up. If this did not help, a diver team with a anchorhandling tug may help. AHTS has a powerful winch, great maneuverability and crew experienced in recovering anchors.

If vessel is unable to recover the anchor and has to depart shortly, release a bitter end of the anchor chain (from within Forecastle/Bosun store) and let it go.

alt text

Company (via Ship Manager/Fleet manager) should be informed prior the operation. Renewal of chain with anchor is expensive (~100000 USD in total costs).

All necessary precautions must be taken:
- carry out toolbox with deck crew and highlight risks involved
- let go chain away from cables/pipelines or other objects on the seabed

Anchor chains are attached to the plating of the chain lockers with their “bitter-ends”

bitter end drawing

bitter end 1

bitter end 2

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