how would you prepare for a FW tank inspection?

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To prepare for Fresh Water Tank inspection take care of the following:

1) Identify a team for the task: Person in Charge, crew member(s) who go inside, standby watchman at the manhole, who opens manhole and transfers water. Note, the PIC can not enter the tank
2) Change over FW consumption and production to other tank. Transfer remaining water from the subject tank into other tank or consume it for deck washing tasks (if required and reasonable based on your FW ROB, daily consumption/production). Discard remaining water from the level about 50 cm and below, do not use it for ER/accomodation services because it is usually dirty.
3) Prepare Risk Assessment and discuss it with the team during Toolbox meeting. Record both. Check your SMS, a Cold Work permit may be required for opening of the manhole.
4) Once the water level below the manhole (in case of bulkhead manholes), open it and arrange forced ventilation by means of portable fan for at least 2 hours.
5) Prepare and calibrate gas detectors. Each entering crew member must carry personal gas detector.
6) Obtain Enclosed space permit.
7) Check the tank atmosphere for O2 (20.9%) and HC (0) (HC may accumulate if water is contaminated with oil products) by means of gas detector with extension tube.
8) Prior entry to tank inform Duty Officer. Inform standby watchmen to never leave the manhole till everybody is out of tank. He has to update the Duty Officer about the situation every 10-15 minutes.

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