How the on board anchor windlass test is carried out ?

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Winch/windlass break test procedure

Winch brakes are designed for holding 80% of the design rope's MBL. Brake operating load is to be set to 60% of the design rope's MBL.
- Before brake test, check that the brake lining surface is continuously touched on brake drum.
- Tighten the brake of testing drum surely and disengage the clutch.
- Install the test kit with pins
- Put the hydraulic jack on the lower edge point of the test kit. Adjust the height of hydraulic jack on foundation.
- While paying attention to each part, raise the pressure by hand operated pump and read the scale of attached pressure gauge. During jack up operation it is necessary to tight the brake handle again.
- Brake holding capacity can be found from the value gained from pressure gauge.
- After the test is finished, operate it in the reverse procedure of above description.

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- Pa = Test pressure (Kg/cm2)
- F = Brake force (Ton)
- A = Area of hydraulic cylinder (mm2)
- Fj = Hydraulic jack force (Ton)
- D = Drum diameter + Wire/Rope diameter(mm)
- d = Cylinder inner diameter (mm)
- L = Distance from center of drum till center of jack(mm)

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