Designated person ashore and Designated Person.

During ISM external audit , the auditor told me that nowdays we say DP and not DPA because now, there is no requirement that this person should be ashore. A DP could be on board while acting as DP.

I looked over ISM code 2018 and even editions before i found that paragraph 4 remains the same ''"to designate a person or persons ashore with direct access to the highest level of management"

Could you please clarify.


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Feb. 27, 2022, 5:42 p.m.
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Please refer to Guidance for Auditors to the ISM Code

Page 62:


ISM Code Element 4:
It is fully acceptable if the role of the designated person is covered by the captain-owner-master.

The owner-master may act as the DP provided that he can demonstrate that the safety and pollution prevention aspects of the operation of his ship are being monitored effectively. As the owner, he is the highest level of management, he is responsible for the application of adequate resources, and may ensure adequate shore-based support by, for example, establishing communications and contingency arrangements with agents or other third parties.


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