What Second Engineer does on board?

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Second Engineer is the deputy Chief Engineer and responsible for maintenance planning and supervision in ER department. Performs the duties of a chief engineer in his absence.

The Second Engineer is responsible to the Chief Engineer for:

  • proper condition of the ER before departure;
  • organization and supervision of ER watch;
  • compliance with safety regulations and the implementation of safe working practices;
  • prevention of environmental pollution;
  • repair and maintenance in Engine room;
  • follows the instructions of the Chief Engineer with regards to maintenance and repairs;
  • keeps watch from 00.00 to 04.00 and from 12.00 to 16.00 (if ER can not be unmanned).

Usually responsible for condition and maintenance of the following equipment:

  • main engine, pumps and systems serving it, remote automated control;
  • air conditioning plant;
  • refrigeration plant and storage chambers;
  • fire pumps, emergency fire unit, foam and water extinguishing systems, CO2;
  • ballast system with pumps;
  • ME lub oil separators and lubricant separation systems;
  • automation of control mechanisms;
  • emergency bilge system;
  • sea water cooling system and sea chests;
  • steering gear;
  • sterntube, shaft line;
  • oily water separator;
  • store rooms, inventory of supplies, tools and spare parts, workshop equipment;
  • maintenance of all fixed fire-fighting and safety equipment in engine rooms (emergency generator, CO2 or similar installation, emergency and fire pumps, etc.).
  • provides and conducts training (training) of the engine team at the direction of the Chief Engineer;
  • any other duties as directed by the Chief Engineer.
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