What is the procedure of taking over - handing over Engine Room watch

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The incoming Duty Engineer should ensure that all staff on his watch are able to perform their duties fully. He must arrive at the Engine Room 15 minutes before the change of watch.

Before taking over the watch, the incoming Duty Engineer must personally verify at least the following:

1) to receive an oral report from the Duty Engineer who hands over the watch for the period of carrying out the watch;
2) orders on watch and special instructions from the Chief Engineer concerning operation of ship systems, engines and mechanisms;
3) all relevant information must be entered in the ER Log Book and on the white board. Compare with entries in the machine log detected deviations from normal operation;
4) inspect all operating equipment, paying attention to operating conditions and any deviations from normal values;
5) check that the ME PRM indicator readings correspond the bridge request as per the telegraph;
6) pay attention to the all work performed on equipment and systems by the ER personnel and on related potential hazards;
7) water level in bilges in the expansion tank, in fresh water tanks, in sewage tanks; 8) check the water level in the steam boiler and hot well, temperature of the hot well;
9) fuel level in service and settling tanks;
10) LO level ME & AE sump tanks tank, TC and Stern Tube gravity tanks, CLO day and storage tanks;
11) state and mode of operation of various main and auxiliary systems, including the electricity distribution system;
12) condition of the control panel equipment and readings of the instruments;
13) condition and operational mode of boiler including automation;
14) any potentially unfavorable operating conditions due to bad weather, ice conditions, shallow waters etc;
15) any special modes of operation caused by equipment breakdown or adverse operating conditions of the vessel;
16) availability of fire fighting equipment;

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