What are possible causes of Main Engine Turbocharger surging and which actions should be undertaken if it happens?

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Turbocharger surging is a sudden distortion of air flow through compressor followed by the intermittent abnormal noise, clapping and buzzing. It happens when the pressure in the scavenging receiver suddenly becomes higher than the pressure at the turbocharger outlet. Surging is a great source of mechanical stress to turbocharger rotor, blades and bearings. It must be avoided at any time.

Immediate actions:

1) Reduce the engine RPM until surging stopped.
2) If the reduction in speed can not stop the surging, as a temporary measure to reduce the pressure, bleed air from the purge receiver with the help of the purging valves.

Probable causes

1) Turbocharger inlet air filter is dirty/clogged
2) Turbocharger exhaust gas inlet grating clogged
3) Scavenging air cooler clogged
4) Failure of turbocharger
5) Main engine cylinder scavenging ports are dirty
6) Fire in one of the scavenging air spaces (under-piston spaces)
7) Cylinder misfire due to injector or fuel injection pump failure
8) Sudden decrease of engine load (propeller damage)
9) Cylinder unit overheating (if possible, immediately stop engine).

Preventive actions

1) Always keep turbocharger inlet filter clean
2) Regularly wash turbine and compressor sides of turbocharger according to Maker's recommendations
3) Keep scavenging air cooler clean
4) Periodically inspect and clean scavenging air spaces (under-piston spaces)
5) Maintain fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps in good order by regular testing and overhauling
6) Timely carry out cylinder units overhaul

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