Which failures of conveyors are most common? How may they be rectified?

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Common conveyor faults and solutions:

1) Idler troubles:

a) Material jamming against idler. Check skirting and scrapers. Stop material escape.
b) Under lubrication. Pulley bearings will be damaged.
c) Over lubrication. The oil and grease can get on the belt causing deterioration.

2) Belt slips

a) Check tracking b) Use snub pulley. b) Clean pulleys. c) Use limestone powder if wet.
d) Add weight on gravity take ups

3) Belt damage.

Small nicks and tears may be quickly repaired by using two plate fasteners. The Larger ones to be vulcanized.

4) Belt run off.

a) Correction of the run off is done by adjustment of the trimming idlers (the side guide idlers). The side which belt is running should be tightened. Side belt is running from should be loosened.
b) Idlers should be lined up 90 degrees to the center of belt otherwise they may cause the belt to run to one side.

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